Oilfield Consultant Solutions

The best consultant network in the industry

Ally Consulting specializes in providing oilfield consultants for the oil and gas industry, throughout the US. Our team is dedicated to recruiting only experienced and highly skilled consultants with a proven track record of completed projects and job safety. This mantra has helped Ally build a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of consultants in the industry.

After completing the application process, each oilfield consultant works one on one with an Ally team member to find a project that best fits their skill set. The consultant then interviews with their potential employer to discuss specifics and find out if they’re a match. Once a match has been made, it’s time to get to work!

Ally offers consultants and clients the ability to dictate whether they want to be a W-2 employee or a 1099 contractor. Ally also provides group health and dental insurance to both employees and contractors and Ally pays a significant amount towards the premiums of each.

On-Site Supervision

Drilling Supervisors, Completion, Supervisors, Frac Supervision, Workover Supervision, Stimulation Supervision, Production Supervisors

Engineering Services

Drilling Engineers, Completion Engineers, Production Engineers, Construction Consultants, Regulatory Consultants

Non- Supervisor Roles

Directional Drillers, MWD, Mud Engineers, Solids Control Technicians, Frac Hands

We understand that demands can change instantly in the oil and gas industry. Our seasoned team of veterans works with you to understand the needs of your project and connects you with a variety of options to meet those demands.

How We Work

Our process helps match you with the best consultant available

Discovery Meeting

Initial meeting to determine your unique labor needs.


Prospect Search

We search through our database of qualified oilfield talent.


Interview Prospects

We schedule all qualified prospects to meet with you - in person


Hire Solution!

Choose the solution that best meets the needs of your project.