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Directional Driller

Location: Permian, Rockies, Mid-Con, Marcellus
  • Advises client on Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) selection and all aspects of Directional Drilling performance.
  • Ensures that BHA’s are assembled as planned including correct make-up torque, doping and handling.
  • Proficient in the use of Directional Drilling computer software and be able to provide advice and analysis to the client representative at the work site. This shall include all survey calculations, well-to-well clearance calculations, ellipse of uncertainty calculations, well path projections, BHA analysis, torque and drag modeling and vibration analysis.
  • Ensures all service tickets and relevant paperwork (well data spreadsheet, lesson learned/best practice, EJCS and KPI forms) is fully completed and signed by the client representative if required prior to leaving work site
  • Ensures well profile plots are kept up to date and provide client representative with directional survey data.
  • Ensures a daily Directional Drilling report is completed and copied to clients offshore and onshore drilling teams, and to the Directional Drilling Coordinator (DDC). Ensures a full and proper BHA performance report is completed for each BHA run. This report should contain detailed and accurate BHA dimensions as well as expected versus actual BHA performance and conclusions and recommendations. These reports will form the basis of the End of Well Report to be submitted to the DDC at the end of the job.
  • Ensures that the Directional Drilling aspects of the well being drilled comply with clients approved drilling program. If a deviation from the well plan is required, the authorization for such deviation shall be sought from client representative. The DDS shall also advise the DDC of such deviations and the reasons therefore.


Location: Permian, Rockies, Mid-Con, Marcellus

Reporting to the Field Service Supervisor, the Wellbore Navigation Specialist (MWD) is responsible for all MWD activities and equipment at the well site.

  • Communicate with the Directional Driller/Drilling Foreman to ensure all MWD requirements at the rig site are met
  • Prepare all required MWD hardware at the well-site including checking/testing all MWD tools and equipment
  • Ensure and verify that all drill collars and subs required for operating the MWD system are present at the well-site
  • Provide interpretation of MWD data to the client and/or directional drilling supervisor
  • Complete and submit all required paperwork accurately and in a timely manner
  • Ensure all upgrades and modifications are completed to the MWD system hardware and software
  • Maintain up to date knowledge base on all new technology
  • PEnsure adequate and constant communication by maintaining an on-call status
  • Ensure safety policy and practices are consistently met
  • Provide interpretation of MWD data to the client and/or directional drilling supervisor
  • Shop duties as required, including but not limited to preparation of MWD kits and related equipment
  • Based on the job capacity and available personnel, hot shots deliveries may be required

Solids Control Technician

Location: Permian, Rockies, Mid-Con, Marcellus
  • A basic understanding of oil and gas operations, working knowledge of solids control process, and experience with operating heavy equipment is considered a significant plus.
  • Must have effective communication skills.
  • Must have basic computer skills, such as but not limited to (Word, Excel, Time applications).
  • Must be able to work independently or as a team
  • Must be able to work outdoors in extreme weather conditions.
  • Must adhere to and enforce all applicable company, local, state, and federal safety and environmental regulations.
  • Must be able to execute start up, shut down and operating procedures for such equipment as, but not limited to; compressors, electric motors, pumps, instrumentation panels, and valves and manifolds.
  • Perform all preventive maintenance such as greasing bearings, checking bearings and seals for wear and damage, changing oil and fluids in equipment, as well as keeping equipment cleaned and in working order.
  • Collect, compile, and complete operational daily reports, collect fluid samples,
  • Communicate with operations supervisors, regional managers, safety department, shop and maintenance employees, clerical staff.
  • Perform or assist in rigging activities, troubleshooting equipment, preventative maintenance, repairs, daily safety checks, and monitor solids control activities.
  • Barite recovery and dewatering experience is a must.
  • Vertical Dryer experience is a plus.
  • Centrifuge operation and maintenance experience highly preferred

Well Tester (Flow Back)

Location: Permian, Rockies, Mid-Con, Marcellus
  • Under direct supervision, assists during the rigging up and down of Surface Well Testing (SWT) service line equipment on work locations for the purpose maintaining control and processing of wellbore fluids during well testing operations and providing the customer with essential reservoir information by the use of (but not limited to): Surface Well Testing and Surface Pressure Control equipment packages. Works in the Testing & Subsea workshop assisting in the repair and maintenance of (SWT) equipment.
  • Regularly performs assembly and preparation job tasks for equipment installation and service and assists in the running of a job.
  • Performs, with limited supervision from the Service Supervisor, in the rigging up and rigging down on a location of service line equipment and in the clean up, repair, and preparation of equipment for the next job.
  • Assembles and prepares, as directed, equipment for installation and service.
  • Drives a truck or other assigned equipment as required.
  • Promotes safety awareness and environmental consciousness, and complies with all applicable safety and environmental procedures and regulations. Ensures compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) regulations and guidelines.
  • Promotes and takes an active part in quality improvement processes. Job tasks, correctly performed, impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency, profitability of operations.
  • Basic computer skills (Excel, Word, Email) typically acquired through completion of high school or similar education and 2-1/2 years of Surface Well Testing experience.
  • Must be able to visually identify various equipment components by type and explain function of each. Must have demonstrated ability to work safely with hand tools.
  • The ability to perform basic mathematical calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is required. Basic reading comprehension and writing skills are required.

Entry Level Frac Operator w/ CDL

Location: Permian, Rockies, Mid-Con, Marcellus
  • Under direct supervision, promotes excellent customer relations at the worksite. Performs equipment rig up and rig down on a location and the preparation of equipment for performing a job. Ensures customer satisfaction with work performed.
  • Responsible for safe operations of high pressure pump/s, Iron Truck, crane and rig-up of DME during the delivery of services in accordance with Customer’s design and KPI’s.
  • Performs necessary calculations at the well site as needed.
  • Performs data collection and data distribution on jobs as needed.
  • Coordinates the clean up, repair, and preparation of equipment for the next job.
  • Utilizes competency processes to enhance skills development and job performance. Must possess good skills within the service line and have a general understanding of other service functions.
  • Must be knowledgeable of HMS and HSE standards, and guidelines for PSL personnel.
  • CDL Required
  • Promotes safety awareness and environmental consciousness.
  • Promotes and takes an active part in quality improvement processes. Consequences of error are easily measured and can be confined.